Another Post!

Well, it seems that there won't be any photos any time soon, so you will just have to read on without them for now, as I can't stand being blog-lazy any longer. So.

Have you ever wondered why they say intarsia can't be done in the round? I have. And, until yesterday, I thought it was just because it would be too difficult to fight with all those strands of yarn through a tube of fabric. Actually, it's because intarsia can't be done in the round. See, the reason is that when you're knitting in the round, you're coming back around to each section of color from the opposite side of where the yarn for that section is attached. (Think on that for a second, you'll get it eventually.) Unfortunately for me, I didn't make this connection until *after* I'd already cast on and knit two inches for my nephew's birthday raglan...and spent a few hours carefully finagling FIVE different skeins of yarn around the piece. (What can I say? Call me the intarsia queen!) Only to join in the round and quickly discover that I'd have to rip it all out. *sigh* So much for learning something new, eh? Looks like the sweater's going to be done in pieces this time. Without a pattern. Again. I'll be so happy to knit something from a pattern again! There's just too much designing going on over here to be relaxing, haha!

Speaking of knitting things from a pattern, my seester (aka SIL) has finally purchased yarn for her Convertible from Knitty, so I do look forward to an interesting knit soon! Yay! Plus, I'm currently trying to find yarn for this, which I absolutely love. Hopefully, Phildar's English translations of their patterns are decent. Oh, and speaking of Phildar, their English website goes live in September!

I have a special treat for all you sock knitters out there today. This is a treat that I have not seen floating around blogland yet; something I found while doing research on a knitting product. Go see what you have to look forward to being on the market sometime soon! And, if you're interested in learning about how bamboo is made into yarn, check this out. Ahhhh, the wonders of the U.S. Patent office!

In other news, we are still enjoying having Laury live with us, and are sitting tight through Hurricane Ernesto! Well, allright. Sitting tight in this instance means me coming to work and blogging/knitting most of the day, but hey. It's still a tropical storm, right?

And speaking of tropical storms...I finally finished my Hurricane Sock! But more on that later...when I have pictures. : ) Check the sidebar for new updates!

Till next time,


  1. and that yarn will be in the mail soon! i promise!
    = )

  2. Hey, I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks now, and of course you know what I've been wondering: is she doing this at work??? Doesn't she have to enter time or anything? (bet you miss that...)

    I always knew you were creative and funny, and your blog really shows off both those great qualities (not to mention how witty and intelligent you are). It was all so fascinating, I had to get the kids to explain Project Runway to me!

    mommi out law

  3. Noah is definitely looking forward to his sweater...and to almost being big enough to wear the one you gave him last year, with the elephant...stinkin' AWESOME!