Episodes 5 & 6

If this trend in posting keeps up, I'm going to have to rename my blog "Project Runway-aholic". . .

So, I have two episodes to catch up on.

Episode 5 was an interesting twist on the usual ho-hum of choosing models and wondering what the next challenge will be. Instead of having the designers choose which models they wanted to work with, the models chose their own designers! The models were then whisked away to the workroom, where they were presented with photos of various "fashion icons" such as Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross & Jackie O. The models fought to the death for the photo of their choosing, and the designers were challenged to design a modern outfit for the chosen celebrities. Two days and quite a bit of drama later, here's the winner:

By Michael (finally!!!!!!), Icon Pam Grier
LOVED this outfit. Totally would wear this outfit. Michael's original design was a very cool off-the-shoulder dress of the same material, which he scrapped completely when he saw it on the model. This turned out quite nicely! And Michael Kors was right, those shorts were PERFECTLY sewn. Props to you, Michael!

And here's who's out:

By Bradley, Icon Cher
While this was by no means the best outfit on the runway, I was sad to see Bradley go as I was just beginning to like his personality. He was a pretty funny guy. However, I do wonder why this was judged worse than. . .

What was he thinking:

By Robert, Icon Jackie O
This just made me want to vomit. The very thought of polished, perfect Jackie O wearing *shiver* a linen suit tied up by a ROPE was just repulsive. Robert, you're a disappointment to gay men everywhere. You seriously need to do some fashion icon research, okay?

Here's my favorite:

By Uli, Icon Diana Ross
Uli nailed it again with this gorgeous gown. Amazing movement, amazing colorwork and pattern choices, and overall well-constructed. What more could you want?

The thing that I am not understanding about Robert is that he is a fashion designer for BARBIE, for crying out loud! The man knows how to work a good piece of fabric. . .and glitter, and pink stuff. Heck, besides Kayne, he should be the most flagrant designer out there. But nooooooooooooooooooooo. . .gotta go with the boring stuff. I just don't get it. *yawn*

Okay, now on to Episode 6! The designers were confronted by Heidi, who warned them that they'd been having an easy go of it so far, especially compared to Season 2 contestants (huh?), and that the challenges were going to become increasingly difficult. The designers were then taken to the Newark, New Jersey recycling plant to choose from recylced materials with which to design an outfit of their choice. So, my first issue with this is, what???? We already did the make-something-out-of-trash "innovation" challenge in the first episode! Why are we doing it again? The plant challenge in Season 2 was far more interesting. And secondly, what do you mean the challenges have been easy this season? Any time you have to design TWO outfits for ONE challenge ("Designer's Best Friend," episode 3), or have to work in teams for more than one challenge per season("Fit for a Queen, episode 2, and "Reap What You Sew", episode 4), I say your patience is being tested. But I digress. Here's what the designers came up with, and well, most of it looked like trash.

Here's the winner:

By Michael
Sources: Burlap sack, mylar tubing, plastic tarp
Michael wins again! Although I am happy to see the judges finally acknowledging this man's talent, this was not my favorite design. But we'll get to that later.

Auf Wiedersehen to:

Source: Manila paper
Well. . .between her, Vincent and Kayne. . .I just don't know. They were all so bad that it was scary. And I do mean SCARY. But this one was really awful. And not very innovative, either. Plain paper? I mean, at least if you're going to use paper, you could jazz it up a bit like Jeffrey did. And the hair on that model was just. . .beyond horrible.

My favorite:

By Uli
I really hope Uli wins, she is just fabulous. Paper and mylar tubing never looked so good. I really thought this one was going to win. Apparently plastic tarps are more wearable than cute, inventive dresses. Hmmph.

And Jeffrey's design was cool, too:

Source: Paper and acrylic paints
I would never wear this, but it was very cool. . .in a Jeffrey sort of way. Great construction, anyway. Paper! Who woulda thunk it?

And just for kicks, here are Vincent and Kayne's designs (extra point if you can tell me whose was whose without having seen this episode):

Yeah. . .pictures are worth a thousand words, aren't they? I have to say that all in all I'm just ready to get to the final 3. The challenges could be far more interesting than they have been (I genuinely hope to see something new in the next couple of episodes), and as far as contestants, it seems fairly obvious who's going to make it. Robert, Angela, Vincent and Jeffrey don't have a chance of making it, so that means it's going to be between Kayne, Michael, Uli and Laura. And if Kayne has another disaster like he did this week, he'll be out, too. I'm pulling for either Uli or Michael for the win.

Well, that's it for now! Check the sidebar for knitting updates, if you so desire.

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  1. I found your blog from Courtney and can I say I love the Project Runway updates?! We don't have Bravo so your updates make my week - keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah! Thank you for those recaps and photos. We're project runway-less over here so I really look forward to these entries.