Knitty News

First I must apologize for my absence from the blog. Things are more peaceful here now that Laury is successfully residing in my guest room; however, I am knitting up a storm for my nephew's birthday, my sock swap, and most importantly, another submission for Knitty (the Winter issue, this time).

And speaking of Knitty. . .

I have mentioned in several posts before that I did hear from Knitty regarding my submission for their Fall issue. Below is the E-mail I received from Amy:

Hi, Sarah --

Thanks so much for your submission! I think the concept is good but the pictures aren't working for me at all. Also, a black and white sweater is about as hard a color combination to photograph as you could possibly have chosen. :-) I might like this for spring in some easier colors (not pastels, but fresh spring colors) and I'd definitely need to see more photographs, especially head-on shots.

In any case, I really like your style -- I thank you for taking the time to prepare it and send it in and hope we'll see something from you again in the future!

[editor, Knitty]

And there it is. Very kind, I thought. I'm leaning towards knitting a second piece and resubmitting as she suggests. . .what do you all think I should do?

More posts on PR to come (after Random Blogthing Monday, of course!)

Till next time,


  1. Definitely resubmit! Congrats on getting a nice rejection note. Some places don't write back at all.

  2. That's more response than I've every gotten from Knitty. You should definitely resubmit and find someone to help you take better pics.

  3. Well, sorry to hear that, sis. I know you were excited. But it sounds like they were interested, and in some real ways, this is your Tim Gunn moment! Take to heart their suggestions, use your kick-booty skills to implement them in a good way, and wow us all!

    (...although, I personally am very much so wowed by your mad skills already...jenni and noah, too!)