Episode 8

Yes, friends, we're skipping over Episode 7 (for now) and getting right on down to the good stuff. Now, first of all, I have to remind all of you that I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Remember that little storm you've been hearing about on the news? Ernesto? Yeah. That's me. And, while Ernesto did manage to skim by us on the WEST coast (I'm on the far south east coast, for those of you who don't know your Florida geography), any time the wind blows so much as to sway a tree in our neighborhood, we lose our DirecTV signal. Sooooooooooooooooo, consequently, my watching Project Runway last night went something like this:

9:55 - Eagerly turn on the TV to await the beginning scenes of Project Runway. Discover that, even though everything is connected properly, the screen is completely black.

9:56 - Wail and moan as though someone died; decide to sit on the couch and watch a blank screen anyway, "just in case."

10:05 - Catch a 2-second glimpse of last week's recap and get WAY too excited that the TV has now decided to work.

10:05:03 - Plunge into darkness. Repeat wailing and moaning.

10:10 - See Heidi Auf a few models and tell the designers they'll be designing something for an international jetsetter. Hope that the signal stays on long enough to see Tim explain the thing.

10:12 - Watch Tim greet the designers in the workroom and hear as far as, "What she didn't tell you, is" before the screen goes blank again.

10:13 - Cut to stunned faces of contestants standing in workroom. Watch as some begin planning menswear designs and guess that they have to design for Tim Gunn, which would explain his presence on the judging panel as shown in the previews for the episode.

10:18 - The designers sketching in the workroom. Since the women are doing womenswear, correctly assume that they are, in fact, designing for themselves.

10:25 - Watch Michael try to teach Kayne how to work it on a catwalk. (Aside: What the ? Why doesn't a gay man already know how to work it on a catwalk?) Kayne's assertion - "It's easy when you come from the ghetto; I'm from white trashville!" Dude, you're from GAYville. Get your act together!

10:30 - Ecstatically view a mostly uninterrupted runway show. Feel impressed with Michael and Uli's designs and wonder what the HECK those rhinestones up Jeffrey's crotch are supposed to be for.

10:35 - Sit through darkness while the judge's give verdict of what they like and what they don't; catch Heidi telling the designers to get a move on so they don't miss their flight. (Another aside: Even having seen about 5 minutes of show up to this point, I was not at all surprised they were going to be putting their garments to the test. Can we say, "Predictable?")

10:40 - Designers arrive at airport and discover they will be flying to Paris. Wonder why, oh why I didn't go and audition for Season 3! Paris! First class!

10:50 - See Tim introduce Catherine Malandrino (love her!) at Parsons Paris and inform the designers that one of them will be out after their outfits are judged again by her...NOW.

10:52 - Hear Jeffrey announced as the winner. (Those rhinestones! Oh my!)

10:55 - Picture onscreen returns long enough to hear Ms. Malandrino say, "Kayne, I'm really sorry..." Freak out about Kayne being Auf'd.

10:59 - Watch in stunned disbelief as the screen shows not Kayne, but ANGELA packing her bags to leave!!!!!! Immediately jump up from the couch and begin doing my happy dance.

People, that was the most dramatic viewing of Project Runway EVER. You try it sometime...just go ahead and turn the TV off every 15 seconds for about a minute and a half and see if it isn't more exciting. Just be sure to watch the rerun later, so you can get all the good stuff...which is what I'll be doing next Wednesday, of course.

I know some of you are waiting for screen shots, so here they are (I'll be posting all of them from here on out):

The winner:

By Jeffrey
This was definitely ambitious, if nothing else. A jacket, embellished tee AND pants? Goodness. These guys only had one day to sew this all up! And, if you know anything at all about sewing, you know that is a LOT of sewing to do in one day. Without a pattern. And, those rhinestones! I just can't get over them. Very Jeffrey.

Auf Wiederesehen,

Oh, Angela. We are so glad you are gone. No more whining, no more complaining, no more ROSETTES!

Buh-bye. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out....wait. On second thought, DO!

Here are the others:

By Michael
You can't tell very well from this picture, but those pants are actually made out of blue seersucker. The shirt has a bit of stretch, which was also genius for travel.

By Laura
This was a really pretty dress of silk jersey knit. Fashionable, comfy and non-wrinkly! The back of this dress, which I can't find a photo of, was incredibly interesting and had a wrap-tie effect going on.

By Uli
Yes, almost everything Uli makes has the same style sense. Yes, it doesn't work for everyone and everywhere. But you know what? I like it! If I saw her stuff in a store, I would buy it and wear it. I really hope we get to see her do a fashion show at the end of the season, because it would definitely feel like it all went together, and it would definitely not be boring!

By Kayne
Again, I couldn't find a photo of the back of this outfit. See the shiny stuff on the right sleeve and left shoulder? The ENTIRE back side of this shirt looked like that. While it was very Kayne, the judges didn't like it, and he almost got the boot. (Which leaves me wondering why, when they've been asked to design FOR THEMSELVES, the judges think they can say, "That isn't what we wanted." Well, if the designer likes it, and feels comfortable traveling the world in it, it's exactly what you wanted!)

By Vincent
Ummmm, why wasn't Vincent out this week? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to see Angela go, but COME ON! This design (if you can even call it that) was completely dull. Black pants and a sewn sweater? Icky-poo! And it wasn't even well-constructed! And he used his own pants for the design! You didn't see anyone else doing that, including Angela! And besides all that, it was just ugly. UG-LEE.

I'm sticking with my claim that Uli, Laura and Michael will either be in the top 3 or the top 4. The wildcard is who the fourth person will be; I'm guessing Vincent or Jeffrey, and I'm leaning towards Jeffrey. And, if past seasons have been any indication, all 4 of the last remaining contestants will get to go to fashion week. No, you won't see it on Bravo, but you'll be able to see it on the website later, a la the Kara Janx collection. I would far rather see a collection by Jeffrey than by Vincent, wouldn't you all? Again, at least it wouldn't be boring!

Well, I guess that about finishes up my soap box for this week. Tune in again in a few days for the rant on Episode 7! (And I'll give you a hint: I was not on Angela's mom's side!)

Till next time,

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