Episode 4

Allllllllllllllrighty, here we go.

You all know the story. . . .teams of 3 this week, presenting a design for International Concepts a/k/a INC for sale at Macy's largest stores nationwide. Okay, so first of all I think we're all wondering why Banana Republic was "out" this season. Maureen Ryan of The Watcher had a massive interview with Tim Gunn last month in which Tim claims that the Bravo execs simply wanted to "give someone else a chance." I for one think that was pretty stupid. Hell, none of us would have even heard of Project Runway had it not been for the huge signs posted in every Banana Republic from here to San Francisco! Thanks for the press coverage, Banana, but "Auf Wiedersehen." Freaking idiots.

So, on to the drama. As I suspected, Keith was the rule-breaker sent home this week for sneaking pattern books into his apartment. Thanks to a little tattle-tale-ing by Kayne, one of our best designers is now gone. *sigh* (Oh, and what was up with Keith working out a discount at Mood? Methinks there will be a rule against that next season, too. . .)

The runway was a complete disaster; can we say crapola, anyone? The judges, faced with choosing the lesser of four evils, chose Angela's design as the winner. And, let's face it guys, they were right.

Here it is:

By Angela, with team members Michael and Laura
Michael and Laura were aghast at being chosen for Angela's team members. Wouldn't anyone have been? Now, I'm not saying I would wear this design, but it was certainly better than the other choices. Which is unfortunate, seeing as how Angela will now be ubearable. (And worse, immune for the next challenge.)

The loser:

By Bonnie, team members Uli and Bradley
This really was dowdy. Do the sleeves of Gramma's jacket look a bit too short to anyone else? Plus, when she took that jacket off, the shirt looked like something the model could have worn if she had been 9 months pregnant. . .and the pants looked like something she would wear after she had the baby and became a frazzled mother. Yuck.


By Vincent, team members Alison and Jeffrey
This would have been my favorite (can we choose a favorite from such awful creations?) had it not been for the weird, the-model-is-wearing-the-shirt-upside-down feature of the convertible tank. The straps hanging down around her hips bothered me. A lot. Yuck.

And finally:

By Robert, team members Kayne and Vincent
Weirdness. Did this CEO leave work and get caught in the rain? Seriously, what is going on with the jacket, here? Yuck.

I'm now going to predict that the winner of Season 3 will be a tossup between Uli, Kayne and Laura. I'm guessing Michael or Robert will be auf'd this week. Stay tuned, peeps!

Till next time,

PS - The Knitty news is forthcoming, but will be in a separate post. . .

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  1. ...funny thing is, about the Banana part, they still say in the beginning that the winner receives a one-year mentorship at BR...