When an unfashionable person tells you they like what you're wearing, should that be perceived as a fashion compliment, or red flag?

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  1. Well, that depends. Maybe they recognize a cool, contemporary style even though they can't find a good look for themselves. (Okay, yes, I'm talking about myself here.) If they're complimenting you, perhaps they would also accept fashion advice from you?

  2. I agree. . . it's easier to recognize something that looks good than it is to put something like that together for yourself. It's much like picking colors for multicolor knitting projects -- some of us have an eye for it and some of us just don't.

  3. That's a good question. A lot of people you think are unfashionable can recognize good fashion on others but can't translate it to their own. Take it as a complement.

  4. I'm with you, sis. It's a bit worriesome to me, but you know how insecure I am. On the other hand, it suddenly occurred to me that in the one 'win' for Angela in this season's PR, every time she was going her crazy-go-nuts (in a bad way) with the design, her trademark unfashionable-crap-look, Michael and Laura would suggest something totally different (or an extremely restrained version of her whack-job ideas) and each time, she was like, oh, that's so awesome!

    So, there's a bit of room for both, I think, worry and feeling good about oneself. I mean, seriously, if such an insane know-nothing as Angela can recognize something nice, there's hope for anyone.


  5. I suppose you guys are right, the unfashionable can recognize a good idea when they see one. What ususally gets me concerned is when said unfashionable person actually asks me where I purchased an item, because they think it is something they themselves would wear! Eeep...