Episode 9

Okay, okay. Enough free patterns and knitting posts. Back to Project Runway!

For this episode the designers, still in Paris, are challenged to design an evening gown using classic couture methods for detailing and finishing (Read: by hand). They are given only TWO DAYS to complete this project. One designer poorly opted for Malan-style ruching of the bodice of his gown, and yet another sadly resorted to not a needle and thread to finish his hem, but a bottle of GLUE. No, no, no, no, no!

Here's the winner:

By Jeffrey
Well, as Tim Gunn said, he certainly took more risk than the other designers. But...a yellow plaid cotton evening dress? With a slit up to there? It did seem very couture (certainly more so than the others), but I don't see this going anywhere except down a runway.

And the loser is:

Finally! Need I really say more?

Here are the others:

By Kayne
I have to say that I loved this dress. The only possible explanation I can think of for the judges hatred of it is that the black boning must have looked really awful in person. When I first saw Kayne with a pile of stiff gold mesh on his worktable, I was concerned. However, I felt that this final result was beautiful, had great movement, and was very refined. At least, for Kayne. I say, gorgeous, dahling! Simply gorgeous! (Except for that weird assymetrical lacing up the back...that was just weird.)

By Laura
Ummmm....Laura? I think the pregnancy is getting to you. Now, when I'm designing something personally, I will generally first ask myself, "What would you NOT do in this situation?" and then proceed to do exactly that, but really now. A long-sleeved WOOLEN evening gown? Why don't you just put some fuzzy slippers on her and send her to bed? Yeeps.

By Michael
For those of you who watch the show, did you think the "bunny ears" looked quite as bad on the model in Paris as in the U.S.? I didn't. I thought they looked considerably worse in the States - possibly because the fit was way, way off.

What do you think? It would have helped had one of his models actually had breasts, yes? Overall, a huge misstep for Michael. But since it's his first one all season, we'll cut him some slack.

By Uli
Is it just me, or does this remind you of Santino's dress for Nicky Hilton last season? Here, decide for yourself:

Maybe it's just me, but other than the length and the distressed fabric, this is essentially the same gown. Even the color is close! Sorry, but that's all I could think of when I saw this dress.

Laura is definitely going to be showing at fashion week this year. People Magazine made an oopsy last week and stated that she is "currently at home on a break during taping," which means that she is working on her collection, otherwise she would just be off the show, not on a "break". As far as the other three go (remember the top four designers will most likely be showing, though only three will be eligible to win), at this point I'm still betting on Uli, Michael and Jeffrey. There seems to be a change of direction as the judge's favor goes, and I'm guessing that Jeffrey is going to be in the top three, and that either Uli or Laura will be the wildcard fourth designer. Unless of course, Laura just freaks out tonight designing for the mysterious "Olsen twins" and gets Auf'd instead of Kayne. Wouldn't that just be a surprise? ; )

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  1. Thanks for the recap since it's the only way I get to see any ProjRun. Kayne's dress was nice. I actually say a picture of someone in a plaid evening gown at an awards show a few weeks ago. It wasn't half bad.

  2. Girl I LOVED Kane's dress too!!! Thank God I'm not the only one!! LOL - hooked on Project Runway also over here....