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We all know the new Knitty is out, but have you visited Garnstudio lately? A seemingly little-known but fabulous design and yarn company based out of Norway, they have a lot to offer in the way of free patterns. Here, interesting design teams up with frequent new patterns to create a truly delightful spot to visit! Be sure to check out their newest patterns, as well as their extensive pattern archive when you visit.

The free Honey of a Hurricane sock pattern has been updated. Someone complained bitterly about my using "her" diagram for the figure eight cast-on, so all reference to the pattern giving inspiration for this design has been pulled. Play nice, I give you a good review and a link back to your site; play nasty, you get axed. There is now a handy-dandy link to Knitty's tutorial, for those of you who don't know how to do a figure eight cast-on. I will still be happy to provide credit where credit is due, so if you'd like to know where I got the original toe-up idea from, please let me know. Otherwise, we'll call it good. : )

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