Free Pattern Day - Hurricane Socks!

Here it is guys, my Hurricane Sock, free to all! Please leave a comment if you have questions! Enjoy!

Honey of a Hurricane Socks

Download the PDF for free, here. Add it to your Ravelry queue, here.

Enjoy, guys! Remember to leave a comment if you have a question!

Till next time,


  1. Damn girl! I followed every last point, down to the littlest direction, and then, the very last sentence you point out that it's only for a 6 1/2?!!! I can't wear these!!!


  2. ROTFL...everyone meet my brother, Jonathan, hehe...

    Um, so do check your foot measurements before you begin, knitters, eh? Just add a few extra repeats (the honeycomb pattern requires an odd number of sts) and rows as necessary, and you'll be fine!

    *still laughing at my bro*...Good one.

  3. Great looking socks! I've been wanting to try some toe-up socks but wanted to find one with patterning on the top of the foot too. The honeycomb stitch creates and interesting textural depth to this, great job!

  4. Beautiful socks! The stitch pattern reminds me of one of my favorite dishcloth patterns. :) Love the yarn too. Nice work!

  5. I love this socks! Thanks so much for the detailed instructions, I think these will be my first pair of toe-ups!

  6. Rock u lyke a hurricaaacaaaannneee!

  7. Could you post another picture or two that are close ups of the toes and pattern?

  8. love this pattern! it was so easy to do.