Sock Swap Sock Box!

Say that out loud, and see how fun it is!

Oh yes, it's here! Look at what I got in the mail:

What could it be?

Goodies, of course!


Turns out Krista is the best pal EVER! She totally overloaded me with goodies, including not only the softest, best fitting sock ever knitted...

...but numerous other things as well, including a fabulous beachy-tote bag, oatmeal cream pies (my FAVEY!), handmade saltwater taffy (yum!), not one but TWO awesome magazines (Vogue Knitting and Cooking Light), stitch markers, the sweetest smelling water-free soap in existence (Bath & Body Works' Pink Grapefruit), a journal (for "blogging when the power's off"), Laura Ashley notecards, a flashlight (I needed that!), and much, much more. A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!! to my awesome pal, Krista. Also, a shout out to Christy for putting the whole thing together! I'm already looking forward to next year! : )

Till next time,


  1. Oh, Yeah! I'm sooo happy you finally got it! I was beginning to get worried. Glad your sock fit too!

  2. Awesome swap stash!! Congrats girl!

  3. cool...I want a pal like yours, I could send her Peruvian knit stuff!!!