Dog Pile!

Me & the doggies were having fun with the camera last night:

But Mooooommy, I'm sleeeeeeepy!

Can't we just take a short nap???

Okay, I'll give you ONE kiss. But then you've got to stop!

Oh, and guess who'll be making an appearance in the Winter issue of Knitty?

What's that? Did someone say "star"?

Till next time,

Item of the day: Alligator Scarf Kits from Morehouse. Too cute! And one of those (in Cranky Green) would be a, uh, great Christmas gift idea. . . or you could just check out my Amazon Wish List. For anyone who, you know, might be into that kind of thing. : ) Oh, and while you're over at Morehouse, check out the Lobster Claw Mittens. HI-larious!


  1. so what are the doggies doing when you come see us and the doctor is out?

  2. did you mean to link to the BABY scarves?

  3. Jenni, in fact, I DID mean to link to the baby scarves. 4 1/2 inches by 3 feet sounds like a good length to me. . .then again, maybe longer is better. You decide.