A Survey

I got a new toy the week before last, so of course I have to personalize it! Cast your vote for one of the options below.


I have been known to knit while driving. And not while stopped, either. Yes, I am a very scary driver; I fit in well in Florida.


Well, because I am! Hello!


Interesting, and I think it fits well with the sporty feel of the new wheels.


'Cuz that's just cute!

Well, I can't make up my mind, so do help me decide by casting a vote for your favorite in the comments section!

Till next time,

PS - Name ideas also welcome. I'm thinking Gigi, but I'd much prefer a knitting-related name, if one can be found.


  1. i vote 2 or 4, and where did you find those 'cause i NEEEEEEED #2, myself! *hugs*

  2. i like #2 and #4. and the only knitting related name that immediatley pops onto my head is from The Jane Austen Book Club which we saw last week. (it was fabulous, by the way) one of the ladies knits, but unfortunately she's the old one who's been married five times and her name is bernadette. i'll work on something better. a lot better....

  3. ooohh new car - super fun. my vote is for #4 and i like the names BC (back cross), tog (together), or RC (right cross) - I looked up knitting terms and those are my favorites.

  4. I like one and four. I've got nothing as far as a name, though.

  5. Hey Sarah Lou! Thanks for catching the lack-of-links thing. I've linked each photo to the store where the item can be purchased. Enjoy!

  6. I love #1. Cool Car.

  7. I like numbers one and four. As for names, there's Pearl, obviously, or for a more androgynous feel, Emerson (Emerson, being the Chi McBride character on "Pushing Daisies" who does, indeed, knit).

  8. Hmm. For names, I like "Mary". Y'know, short for "Marino"? Or there's always the obvious Rowan, or Pearl, or Madame DeFarge...

    I should stop now.

  9. I definitely like the sheep!
    but I've never been good at naming things, you're on your own there.

  10. I like the sheep too! But I think the "Property of" one is neat. Although you ARE a knitting star, so perhaps...oh, never mind. I can't make up my mind.

    Congrats on the new car!

  11. I like #4, and since it reminds me of the lamb in the Wallace and Gromit video, who was named Shawn (or was he saying "Shorn"?), that would be a good name. Or you could just call it Wooly Booger.
    Or maybe Elly. As in Ellyment.
    Have fun.

  12. Oooh!!!! Shawn it is. : ) Excellent idea! Now, if only I could find a lovely decal of Gromit knitting, that would be perfect!