Big Kimono, Little Stitches

This weekend my wonderful husband decided to take me to Disney World! I have been feeling very depressed as of late (moving 3,000 miles away from one's family and friends is harder than you might think. . .even if you have the ocean to comfort you), and I think he wanted to try to cheer me up. We went to Animal Kingdom and rode the newest addition to the park, a very cool roller coaster. Fun, fun. During the three-hours-each-way car trip, I began my next design project, an adult-size kimono. The sleeves will be knit in black cotton, and I haven't decided on the bodice yet. Some combination of the cotton and/or satin ribbon. But, at 6 stitches/8 rows to the inch, I'm thinking the sleeves will take me awhile. I just hope I don't run out of yarn, which was harvested from a Gap Kids sweater. (Why did I ever think it was a good idea to wear a boxy sweater featuring a huge snowflake on my chest?) Hopefully I will have at least enough for the sleeves. I'll post pictures later of my progress.

In other news, after three weeks of hoping and waiting, I found out this morning that my best friend from Texas did not, in fact, get the hospice job she interviewed for here. Sad for me, especially since she has decided it will be best for her to stay in Texas for now. Guess I should call the two people I've met in this state and see if they want to hang out again. . . *sigh*

Till next time,


  1. It's not really so cold here--but in the office, yah, it's cold...

  2. jonjon - Is it still cold enough in Texas for her to wear that thing? Yikes! I guess technically it would be called a poncho, I think generally a shawl is a flat piece of fabric worn around the shoulders that has to be secured by tying together or using some device, like a pin.

  3. Oh man...that sucks...maybe something else will work out.

    BTW, everybody here at work is loving the shawl (is that called a shawl?) you sent Jenni.

  4. Oooh, a black kimono. That sounds so chic! I hope you have enough yarn; I'd love to see this finished.

    That's a great photo of you with your friend. It makes me long for the sunshine!