A brief post

Ok. For those of you who don't like personal posts, or who can't so much as hear the word "penis" in public without turning red (Jonathan), this post isn't for you.

So. Recently I've noticed that I've been having problems with my underwear, particularly my Victoria's Secret "Pink" briefs, riding up. Sort of like a persistent wedgie. Now, having many thongs in my personal panty stash, I am quite used to this feeling. However, it is not a sensation I enjoy from my briefs. When one reaches for briefs, one expects coverage, people!

Now, I had not given this phenomenon much thought, other than to notice it.

Today, though. . .today it hit me.

My ass is no longer small enough to fit this size panty!

And there we have it. Obviously, I was horrified to admit this to myself. But, it being too late for sublime ignorance, I made up my mind. I am going to lose at least 8 pounds. Which would make me 110 pounds.

Now, I really don't want to hear it from those of you out there who would love to weigh 118 pounds, because I'm so over comments like "Why are YOU eating Lean Cuisine?" or, "You have the smallest thighs I've ever seen." Well, maybe they look fine to you, if you yourself weigh 250 pounds, but to me whose underwear no longer even fits they're starting to look and feel a little chubby. Besides, I have that big corporate pool party coming up next month, and I've gotta live up to the expectations! *grin*

The plan of attack at this point involves drinking a lot more water, doing about 500 butt lifts a day and playing tennis at least twice a week with my hubby. (I now have a pink Barbie tennis racquet! What can I say? I'm short, I have small hands, and I have to use the kids' size. . .the Barbie thing is just a bonus!)

So. . .wish me luck on becoming fantasstic!

Till next time,


  1. i'm not nearly as small as you, but i'm with you on getting tired of people seeming like you sholdn't try to be skinnier than you are if you're skinnier than them. (did that even make sense?) good luck, sis!

    btw, have you tried yoga? i've had the best success with weight management when i'm doing 2-3 hours of yoga a week.

    love ya!

  2. You CRACK me up! I love it. I made this same discovery when I went up a size. I was like, "okay...why are my undies ridin' up? I'm not wearing a thong, for crying out loud." It was a sad realization when I realized I was just suffering from bigger butt-itis.

    Good luck on getting fantASStic!

  3. still nothing new....

  4. Be careful with that assumption. I had a similar problem and I thought okay go up a size. But it ended up that I needed to go DOWN a size.