Okay, I lied about pictures!

So sue me.

I just found this really cool free men's knitting magazine online, called, uncreatively enough, MenKnit Magazine. It's brand new, so everyone go check it out and start contributing! Really, it's fairly interesting. The Winter 2006 magazine has a pattern for - get this - iPod Mittens! Nifty! Also, there are some interesting patterns for socks, scarves & the like (of course all for men), AND they have knitting crosswords, for those of you that like that kind of thing!

*update to this post* Also, I came across another site that has over 1,000 free patterns of all types - men, women, children, babies, accessories, felted, toys, interior decorating, etc. These are mostly knitting patterns, but they do also offer some patterns in crochet. These are modern designs, not something my grandma would make. If my grandma could knit. Check it out!

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  1. oh cool!
    thanks for all your nice comments! i am definalty not a yarn snob either- i am too cheap!
    i know, arent the flower wash cloths sweet? i have to make some as well-