It's official: I've finally finished designing my first garment, complete with pattern! I've named it Kyndall, after the baby it was designed for. It is knit with Lion Brand Suede (yarn snob I am not) and craft ribbon. Yes, I said craft ribbon. The stuff is great! It comes in 10-yard hanks, so it's best for smaller projects, but is the equivalent of a super-shiny tape yarn. (And at 3-6 hanks for $1.00, who's complaining? Not me!) The ribbon I used here is a double face satin ribbon, quarter-inch wide. I knit it up on my size 9 needles; the same size the Suede is knit on. It is both beautiful when worked and easy to maneuver on your needles!

This kimono-inspired cardigan features stockinette stitch for the body and sleeves, and seed stitch for the ribbon at the waist. It is put together by threading the long end of the pink "ribbon" through a hole in the left front, from front to back, then pulled through the center front and down, attaching to a tiny ribbon rosebud, which acts as a button to keep it all closed.

Won't she look delicious in chocolate brown?

I love the little puff of the sleeves:

Close-up of the ribbon closure (my camera is awful and will be getting the upgrade soon):

I'm shipping this (along with some registry-approved gifts) to the parents-to-be tomorrow, so I won't know what the verdict is for a couple of weeks, I assume. The ladies at my work did a lot of oohing and ahhing though!

Man, my camera sucks! Sorry to all of you who have to suffer through this with me.

Till next time,


  1. That is cuuuuuuuuute. I just love chocolate brown, especially when paired with a brighter color.

  2. That is one adorable sweater!

  3. This kimono sweater is TOO cute!