They Sew. . .She Cuts

Well, Project Runway, Season 3 is well on its way to being cast. After watching every single episode of Season 2 (Santino was robbed!), I was seriously contemplating driving to Miami to audition for Season 3. (Even though, generally speaking, each show of Season 2 started with me thinking, "I could do this!" and ending with me watching the runway show going, "I could never do that. . .") After reading Tim's Blog I think I'm glad I didn't. I know that my designs are unique and interesting, and I know that if I invested enough time on my pieces, the quality of the work would be quite good, but my pattern-making skills when it comes to the sewing machine are rather sad. (Read: nonexistent.) My plan as of right now is to work on honing said skills this year, and completing some pieces to show the audition panel for Season 4. Please, come back to Miami! On the other hand, had I driven to an interview, I would have gotten to meet Tim Gunn & Chloe Dao in person, which would have been cool (though I would not have been able to stomach Ms. Priss telling me, "Auf Weidersehn" as though winning Season 2 makes her some sort of fashion-judging goddess), and I would have gotten a feel for what needed improving, and whether or not show producer Richard Bye thought my personality was TV-level. (As if that's even an issue. Please!) Anyway, I was a bit sad to discover that the auditions have already been held. Ah, well. That leaves more time for knitting! : )

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  1. Uh, dat sucks...

    Yeah, totally: Santino was so robbed--he and Daniel both. You should try to find some place that "buys" patterns from individual pattern-makers, and start trying your hand at it there...