Knitting Spots & Ice Cream in Pots

Ok, I don't really have ice cream in a pot, but I couldn't resist a cheesy rhyme. Actually my homemade ice cream mix is sitting in the fridge in a big pink bowl, ready to go into the ice cream freezer as soon as I have time to watch it. (Cookies & Cream! Yummy!) My brother arrives tonight at 5:15 and preparations are all finished! The snack basket and mini fridge in the guest room have been stocked with his faves, the homemade bread formed into nice little bread bowls sits in the freezer ready to bake, and all the other fun things I have planned to do are well under way. Yippee!

Unfortunately, his rug is still a shameful 2-foot circle. Oh, well. At least he will get a chance to have a creative say in its making before it's too late. : )

Ok, here is my entry for Kat's contest. Five interesting places I have knit:

1. Standing in the cash stand at the Olive Garden - while waitressing there!

2. Lido deck of many cruise ships - sun, ice cream & knitting, who can resist?

3. In a hospital room - while living in it for two months! (My husband, a doctor, had a rotation at a hospital in Nowhere, Texas. Think one hospital bed pushed up against one cot, covered with king-size sheets and a hand-knit comforter. Comfortable it was not, but I did get a LOT of knitting done!)

4. Front desk of two law firms while working as receptionist - any job that I can knit while doing without anyone complaining, I'll take!

5. While performing in a play - the arts combine!

Well, that is my contribution to the contest. If you think yours was more interesting, post a link in the comments section and I will come and make pointless fun of you. I mean, look at your entry. ; )

Till next time, (and there will be pictures next time)


  1. i need to find a job where i can knit more than just during one meeting a month!

  2. How lucky is your brother!? have a wonderful visit and show us what he does with the rug design!