Crafty Stuff on eBay!

Hey guys, just wanted to point everyone's attention to the changes that have been made to my sidebar. If you take a peek to the right of the screen, you'll now see that there are not only cool links to other crafty people or interesting sites, updates on my Quilts for Campers progress, but now there are also links to my shop, where you can find cool stuff like this for sale,

buy some. . .you know you want to!

and also links for my current eBay auctions. Right now I'm selling off my whole collection of teddy bear supplies (I used to be a teddy bear artist), and some nifty art papers & cards. Take a peek and check it out! There are some good deals over there. Later on this week I'll be listing a few pairs of hand-embellished overalls, so keep an eye out! (Been cleaning out that guest closet so my best friend has somewhere to put her clothes & stuff. . .)

14 days and counting. . .(but I've already had 2 dreams that they rejected me. . .)

Till next time,

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  1. first comment! nifty stuff, sis. and i have coplete confidence that knitty is going to accept your submission.