A Frog on the Blog

Yes, friends, we have our first completely frogged project on the blog. (I don't have many frogged projects, so enjoy gloating this time!) Having run out of yarn for my Hurricane Swap partner, and not being able to buy more, I had to completely rip out the entire thing. *sigh*

From this:

To this:

To this:


Which now means that not only do I have to start over (which would be bad enough), but also that I have to decide whether to find a new pattern or rewrite the one I'd already chosen to work. . .again. I think I'll just switch to my 3's, which now look enormous in comparison to the 1's, and rewrite the original pattern. We'll see.

Not much other knitting going on right now (though I do have some submission ideas in mind), keep an eye out on the sidebar for progress updates!

Till next time,


  1. ok, ok, i see convertible over there in "on the brain". as soon as we get moved i'll order some yarn....

    = )

  2. Toe up means never having to run out of wool!

  3. Sarah, where are you? I've been looking forward to your project runway recap!

  4. Look forward to seeing those progress updates!