Episode 3

Well, well, well. This week, our designers were challenged to design a womenswear outfit inspired by. . .a dog. (They also had to design an outfit for the dog.) Yada yada yada and twelve great designs later, Katherine is OUT and Angela escapes again. What the hell?!

Here's the winner:

By Uli, Print-y Dress Queen

LOVED IT!!!!! This was my favorite dress, even though I didn't like the cropped jacket. It reminds me of something from Cache. This dress was by far the most wearable thing sent down the runway, and featured a very cool strappy back. Also, the dog's outfit was great! Props to my neighbor Uli from Miami Beach!

Here's the loser:

By Katherine, the Nice Girl

While this definitely wasn't my favorite dress, or the most well-constructed of the group, it's hard to believe that this was out when Angela's monstrosity was in. Besides, I liked Katherine.

Here's the monstrosity:

By Angela, Total Witch

All right, I have to admit that I was on Angela's side for the team challenge last week. The fact that they would have thought of eliminating her instead of Vincent was offensive. After all, she did try to help, and was told, "Stand 3 feet away from me." But, What. The. HECK! was she thinking here? Maybe this outfit was sewn well, but you know what? Just because you can sew 40 yards of pink satin into something that looks like it would cover the Goodyear Blimp when not in use does not make you a good designer. Oh, and Bravo: Good TV or not, it's time for Angela to go bye-bye. Next week is good for me.

Honorable mentions:

By Jeffrey, Musician Wardrober

First thing Jeffrey's made that I actually liked. And the suit on the dog was hilarious. . .

By Michael, Token Black Guy

I'm starting to think that Bravo is being a bit racist, as Michael's designs haven't even been ACKNOWLEDGED as amazing yet. This dress was hugely original and interesting. This guy is amazing. Michael, I'm pulling for you! And I say, you're up for a win soon.

By Keith, Man Who Thinks He is God

Loved the dress, but lose the attitude. It's getting old. Yes, you are some kind of prodigy with the fabrics. Yes, you are blowing the competition away. But that should be enough, don't you think? We don't need to hear about it every week. It's staring us all in the face. Besides, if you'd have just sewn the damn dog a costume, you would have another win under your belt. . .and it's all about winning.

Designs I can't figure out why they escaped the chopping block:

By Vincent, Lunatic at Large

Now, if you're going to accuse Katherine's dress of being uninspired, I'd like to know what you'd call this. It's a black dress, people! And we don't even know if he made the leggings! And what's the deal with Vincent's obsession with bad hats?

By Bradley, Crybaby

Bradley was soooooooooo worried he would have to forfeit due to lack of time. I wouldn't have been sorry if he had. His personality is uninteresting and his style lacks appeal. Yes, the judges loved it, but this outfit screamed "ugly" to me.

By Alison, the Cute Girl

Interesting concept was well-executed and with lovely fabrics, but please! Put a slip on your freaking model so we don't have to watch the static cling with the pantyhose and the skirt! Did that bother anyone besides me?

Okay, I know this was a lot of photos this time, but there were so many really good and really what-were-they-thinking designs this episode that I just couldn't resist. Believe it or not, I'm actually limiting myself to posting just these! I'm looking forward to next week's big, dramatic, someone's getting kicked off for breaking the rules episode. Who do you think it will be? And why? And will they still be eliminating on the runway, losing two designers in Episode 4? My guess from the preview clues is that it's a guy, and I'm guessing it's going to be either Keith or Jeffrey. . .either for deliberate sabotage or working after hours. (Although I heard a theory it might be for starting a fistfight!) It won't be Kayne or Robert, as they're seen in the preview discussing the person being offed. Michael, Bradley & Vincent don't seem the type. We'll see in a week! At any rate, this is the second reality TV show this season to have to send someone home for breaking the rules; Last Comic Standing was the first. How stupid can you be?

Here's the list of people that will eventually get eliminated:


Top picks for the final three:

Keith (provided he doesn't get offed next week)

Jeffrey and Alison could go either way, I think. We'll just have to see. In the meantime, let the betting begin! Place your vote now. . .

Till next time,


  1. i'm very sad that katherine is gone, i liked her. if only she had made the hoodie! it totally would have taken the dress from "nice, but blah" to ooh! nifty!".

    how did angela escape again?!? argh!

  2. How the heck did Angela not get cut? And who is Bonnie? I mean, really, you see her sit in the lineup at the runway, but they never show her making anything, they never give her lines, and it's almost like she's a stowaway!

    ...and Vincent. OMG...He's scary, truly. Maybe he's the one that gets cut tonight for not taking his Ridalin.

    Very sad to see Katherine go, and can I just say, for those of you who want to be on PR and are not sewing gods like Keith and Daniel (Season 2), listen to what the Gundster sayeth!!! If she had just finished that hoodie, a) it would have made the outfit look tres chic, and b) she wouldn't have gotten got, not by a long shot. She reminded me of someone I know, like an emo girl or something...I can't put a finger on who it is...