Let the Season begin!

No, not the holiday season. . . Season 3 of Project Runway started last night! Therefore, it is officially time to begin Thursday posts about who won, who deserved to have won, and who should have gotten the boot. (Yeah. . .this will likely be happening every Thursday from now on, so if you didn't watch the show on Wednesday, read someone else's blog on Thursdays.) So, without further adieu:

The challenge for Episode 1 was to design a garment out of materials found in each of the designers' Atlas apartments. They could not use any materials they brought with them, but were allowed to completely hack to pieces anything else they could find. Which they did. Bedsheets, matresses, curtains, chandeliers, wall hangings, chaise lounges, barstools, kitchen utensils, food items. . .nothing was safe from the designers' fast-filling laundry bags. (And, unfortunately for said designers, their apartments were still in the same sad condition when they returned for sleep at 1 AM later that night!)

Here's the winner:

By Keith, Menswear Designer
Bedsheets & Duvet Buttons

Here's the loser:

By Stacey, Marketing Executive
Bedsheets, Shower Curtain, Chandelier
(I LOVED this!!!! Poor Stacey.)

Here's who I think should have won:

By Michael, Fashion Designer
Coffee Filters
(COFFEE FILTERS, PEOPLE! Anybody wanna explain to me how some dress made out of FABRIC is more innovative than a very cool gown out of COFFEE FILTERS???? This was, after all, the INNOVATION challenge. . .Tim Gunn even suggested to Keith that he add some more elements to his outfit to make it look less fabric-y. Nice dress, but innovative? We think not.)

Here's who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, should have lost:

By Vincent, Crazy Maniac
Fabric, Stuff, and a BASKET HAT
(. . .you know what, the picture just says it all. . .)

I'm sure the rest of you are looking forward to the rest of the season just as much as I am. If you, like myself, are a diehard fan, post a link to your site and we'll blog the season together!

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Till next time,


  1. We don't get Project Runway over here but I'm so intrigued by the concept. Thanks for sharing those screenshots, and I hope you continue to do it so people like me can get more glimpses of it!

  2. we watched it last night, i totally agree with you on who should have gone home. doesn't thet malan guy completely gross you out?