What purse are you?

Apparently I am a BCBG Black Leather Clutch

"You're a modern, urban chick who's more than a little tough
(Well, as tough as you can be while carrying a purse)
Black leather is like your denim - goes good with everything
You'd even wear it to work, if you could get away with it"

By the way, the store is coming along; go look at my stitch markers! I'm having problems with integrating Paypal with Blogger, but hopefully soon you'll be able to purchase directly from that site.

Till next time,

PS - 12 days and counting on not being rejected by Knitty! Whoo hoo! (Trying to keep a positive spin on things, so even if I do get rejected, I'll be able to say, "Hey, at least they had to think about it for X amount of days!")

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  1. i'm sure they're not going to reject you, sis. you're awesome!