The Hubster Gets Crafty

Yep, that's right, my husband likes to be crafty with me! Well, sorta. Sometimes. He has good intentions, at least. See, I thought it would be really fun, while we were on vacation, to decorate a tote bag together to use at the beach! (Awww. . .) So, I picked up a denim tote bag and packed a whole bunch of paint pens, then about halfway through the trip pulled it out for "craft time" with the hubby! (Oh and by the way, I had full spousal approval of this plan from the beginning.) This is what we came up with:

Yeah, so I don't recommend paint pens on denim. Hey, the store was out of the canvas totes! Anyway, isn't it cute? It's a submarine, and he drew it!! (Awww. . .) He made the portholes quite big so that I could do iron-on transfer pictures later on.

And. . .that was as far as we got. He did promise that he'd help me finish it when we got home, but that was almost a month ago, and I have a feeling it isn't going to happen. Now the question is, what do I do with this? I really like the way the submarine turned out, but you can hardly see it and it still needs the photos ironed on. I was thinking about hand-embroidering it, a la Wee Wonderfuls, but the paint pen line is so thick I'm not sure that would work. I could go over it in puff paint, to give it some dimension. . .maybe that would work. Ideas, anyone?

This, though, is something we did complete together:

He made the table from scratch; I drew out the design for the lighthouse, and together we smashed up the tiles and glued them on. I grouted (here's a helpful hint: don't grout at three in the morning, or you may decide it's okay to go to bed and "wipe off the excess grout in the morning"), he scraped all the dried-like-concrete grout off the tiles, and we painted together. A nice piece of custom glass finished it off, and now we have this great, one-of-a-kind, made-it-together coffee table! Yay for husbands being crafty!

In other news, the mail has been fantabulous lately! Look at all my goodies!

Fist, my Needlemaster set:

I love this set other than the hideous color of the outside:

Then, not one, but TWO magazines from my magazine swap partner (Thanks, Belinda! You're the best!):

There are some great patterns in here I can't wait to try, like:


On the knitting front, I am THIS close to finishing the hubby's blanket, which he is loving! Also, I've had several more design ideas I'm really excited about. Does anyone have any information about knitting filet lace? This is similar to crochet filet, worked in open/closed mesh squares, only knitted. Can't seem to find anything on Google, still waiting to hear back from the one person I found who teaches a class on this subject.

Here's an update on my sock for the Hurricane Swap (in black & white to keep it myseterious):

Apparently it's huge sale week at Joann's! Looky looky:

All these for only $2.10. Yep, that's $0.30 apiece! Sis, you want a scarf? This stuff is super soft!!!

One last thing before I go! Single friends out there, have you ever felt like people were looking down on you because you aren't seeing anyone? Ever felt pressure to get married? Ever had anyone say something tacky to you about being single? Someone is writing a book about these things, so go voice your opinion and get yourself in a book! Go on, you know you want to!

Allright, now that's really all. . .

Till next time,

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  1. Nice table! You guys did a great job. I remember spending an hour or so on the phone with you both (ages ago) right after you had moved there and were, uh, borrowing tiles from Home Depot for this project. Well done!

    ...and hey, you need to make some Muppets out of that Patons Cha Cha!