Fabric Hoarding Day

Well, today was certainly a productive day. . .listed a whole bunch of stuff on eBay today (see sidebar), and had a little trip to the fabric store:

No, that's not all for me. Well, it is. . .but this was purchased to make quilts with. I think there's about a hundred and twenty-five yards in that shot, maybe a little more, and I paid around $150 for all of it. Apparently JoAnn's is getting ready to stock some new fabric, so all of their clearance fabric was an extra 70% off. I didn't pay more than $1.20/yd for anything, and since some of the fabric was originally priced at $6.99/yd, I got an amazing discount! I found some really great, camp-themed stuff for the kiddos, too. I hope this idea turns out as well as I want it to. . .but mostly I just hope I can get done with all of them on time! With my best friend (who is also crafty, thank the good Lord!) moving into town, I have a feeling I'll be recruiting me some help soon. Yay!

Got my wedding album yesterday and it is gor-ge-ous! My photographer surprised me by upgrading me to the big-ass album, free of charge, presumably for all my troubles. It's one of the new, collage-style albums that looks more like a coffee table book than a wedding album. You can view my album to see what I'm talking about here. Anyway, I'm happy to have it and I think they're happy to be rid of me!

Oh, I also picked this up at the fabric store (this stuff is for me):

Some really beautiful red, brown & cream gauze fabric and Simplicity #4595 for a tiered skirt. This will look something like a broomstick skirt, except more fitted. The pattern gives the skirt an elastic waist, but since I can never bring myself to stick to the rules 100%, I'm going to be adding a waistband and an invisible side zipper. All this for around $8.00! So there will be some sewing going on in the near future.

I would post something on the knitting WIPs, but one of them is for a "secret" pal who unfortunately already knows who she is, and the other is my hubby's blanket. . .but that's so close to being finished I think I will just wait until I am! Cute, snuggly pictures coming soon. . .

Till next time,

PS - I found out it could be up to two months before I even know if Knitty is going to reject me! Oh, the suspense!

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! It was a wonderful day for a breathtaking bride! So glad I was there! Love you!