Cuddly Hubby!

Which is sorta like Chubby Bunny, only WAY cuter and much less gross. . .

Yes, I did indeed finish the hubby's blanket, and now he can be nice and warm when he takes call overnight at the hospital. This was knit in garter stitch on the bias using US size 19 circular needles. It's composed of four different super-soft acrylic/nylon/rayon blend yarns held together throughout. I love knitting on the bias, because it gives such interest to otherwise mindless knitting! Anyway, the combinations of these yarns is really great; two were nice, fat, furry yarns, one black, one white/black/grey variegated, one was a combination railroad/eyelash yarn, mostly black but with white, black and silver-blue railroad "ties", and the other was a combination of the fat yarn, also white/black/grey variegated, and a black eyelash yarn. This blanket is soooooo soft!! It's also very weighty. I plan to make or reconstruct a pillow-case like bag, with drawstring ties at top for him to carry it to the hospital in. Something manly. . .maybe zebra stripes. (Are zebra stripes manly? I thought it'd go with the color scheme.)

Anyway, so here it is:


Turned out nice and big, didn't it? I guess I'd call it throw size. Maybe a little bigger. Anyway, he likes it, see?

Everyone together now, "Awwwwwwww." Very good!

He told me the texture reminded him of a king's robe. I took that as a good sign of manliness.

Sadly, I think I'm going to have to rip out most of my progress on my Sock Swap pal's sock. (Sorry, Laura!) I bought the type and amount of yarn the pattern called for, and even though my gauge actually has fewer stitches to the inch than the original pattern (which means I'm also rewriting the pattern as I go along), I'm just past the heel and this is how much yarn I have left:


Soooooo. Gonna be undoing the top part of the sock, so this will likely turn into an anklet. (Again. . .sorry, Laura!)

In other news, my brother and "seester's" blog is up, and very cool too, I might add, so everyone go over there and check it out!

We finally got the whole the-receptionist-is-freezing-her-butt-off-so-can-we-please-set-the-thermostat-to-something-other-than-68-degrees thing sorted out. Turns out that the vents in the boss' and assistant's offices were completely shut off, meaning that the air was being diverted elsewhere. . .namely, my desk. The extremely patient and talented building maintenance man is now my superhero. He opened up all their vents, closed mine, and happiness and comfort now reign supreme. At this very moment I am wearing a sleeveless shift dress, without a jacket, and I am Not. Cold. Hooray! (In an ironic turn of events, it is now my boss that is turning the temperature warmer to keep from being frozen out of his own office. . .hehehe. . .) Methinks that Peter is going to be getting a nice big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies sometime soon. That is, as soon as I get my pots, pans and dishes back into the cabinets. Because right now, this is what it looks like:

But I'm hungry!

Where's the food?

Oh good, it's been shrinkwrapped for freshness!

Need a plate?

In a desperate effort to rid ourselves of the small, roachlike creatures that have taken up residence in our kitchen, we (read: I) emptied every last one of the cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and pantry in order to fog the little buggers out of there. One smelly house and plastic-covered living room later, we are still infested. Ugh. We're going to try caulking up all the little cracks to the places where they hide, and then we'll bug spray everything (no fog this time). Then, bugless or not, those dishes are going back in the cabinets tonight. Guests coming tomorrow! Jonathan's friends from New Jersey and Texas are coming for the weekend; I think they'll be going camping, so that means more knitting time for me! Here's hoping Chad leaves the marijuana at home. . .

Oh yeah, and now we are practically smoke-free:

*magical glowing halo effect here*

Four hundred dollars has never made such a difference. Now, to get the bugs OUT and my best friend IN, and my life will be almost perfect.

Till next time,

PS - Still no news from Knitty. Like you're surprised.

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